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This is a corner of my first floor studio.  Believe it or not, it’s actually clean.  I’m still trying to get more organized but this will have to do for now. 

I’m getting ready for a community garage sale this Saturday that I’m turning into a craft sale.  So I’m busy making more sterling silver jewelry and soap and packaging them.  This is my first craft sale so I’m both excited and nervous!  I’m not going to prepare too much inventory because this is just going to be more of a local promo for me.  But please feel free to give me advice if you have done this before!

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My Creative Space

June 10th, 2010 § 2

It’s Thursday again!  Well, I didn’t get to my computer today until now.  But better late than never…


I took this photo in the morning thinking I was going to make some jewelry during Abby’s nap today, but instead I made some soap.  I did end up making 3 pairs of sterling silver earrings after she went down for the night though.  So I guess this photo still counts. 

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New Soaps – Matcha Green Tea and Vanilla Oatmeal Honey!

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Matcha Tea 4

Matcha Green Tea Shea Butter Soap –  made from real Matcha Tea that my sister brought back from Japan!  Matcha is known to have very high levels of antioxidants and vitamins that are 10x more than regular tea.

About 3.5 oz. per bar.  You can find this in my shop!


Vanilla oatmeal honey 2

Warm vanilla scent with real oats and honey combined with goat’s milk!  If this is not nourishing, I don’t know what is.

About 3 oz. per bar.  You can find this here!


How To Make A Terrarium

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Finished terrarium

Here is the long awaited tutorial for making a terrarium.  Now, I’m not a garden expert or anything.  So please don’t take this as THE authority on terrariums.  If you want the in’s and out’s of a terrarium, click here.

This is my version and what I’ve come to know on how to make a nice looking and low maintenance terrarium.  Enjoy!

Basic material


  • a glass bowl or container (with or without a lid)
  • activated carbon (I got mine at a pet store in the fish section)
  • a fresh bag of potting soil (and sand if you’re planting cacti)
  • stones/gravel
  • small succulent or tropical plants (don’t mix them)



First, add the stones/gravel to the bottom of your container for drainage.  I added about 1 inch or so.


Activated carbon

Then I added some activated carbon.  I couldn’t find any at my local hardware/garden store so I went to the pet store knowing they have it since my husband has an aquarium. 

The activated carbon is for eliminating chemicals that may be toxic to plants in the closed terrarium.  Since I’m using an open bowl in this case, it’s not as crucial to have a lot of carbon.


Activated carbon closed

I did put about half inch’s worth of activated carbon in my closed terrariums. 



For succulent plants like cacti, you should mix half potting soil with half sand.  (I got the sand from my daughter’s sandbox.) 

For tropical plants, use just the potting soil.

Then layer about 2 to 3 inches on top of the activated carbon.



Then loosen the root of the plant gently and get rid of excess soil that came with the plant.

Dig a hole in the soil/sand mix in your container and plant your plant.  Then cover it up with the soil mix and gently tap the soil down.

NOTES: Make sure you don’t mix different types of plants together in the same container –  like cactus with African violet.  The plants should have the same level of light and water needs.


Finished terrarium

Spray some water into the bowl.  And feel free to decorate it with moss (live or dried), branches, birds, nests, rocks, mushrooms, gnomes, etc.

For succulent open terrariums, just water every couple of weeks.  For closed tropical terrariums, you don’t really have to worry about watering for a few months. 

You’re done!


Feel free to ask questions and comment with your experience of terrariums since I’m not a garden expert!


My Creative Space

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I just received a package in the mail today from my sister.  She just came back from a trip to Japan and has brought back some goodies for me!  I asked her to get me some Matcha Tea for my soaps and she got me tea for soap AND yummy tea snacks for me!

(She also got many yards of different Japanese fabric for me that she’ll bring with her when she comes to help out when the baby comes in August.  I will take some pictures of them when she comes!)

So I did end up using the Matcha Tea for my soap today.  I added it to the shea butter soap.  Oh, it’s nice…

I also ended up making my oatmeal vanilla honey goat’s milk soap too.  So I was being really productive today!

Now… time for a snack…

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Did you say low maintenance plants in a jar??

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This week, my daughter and I are attempting to make a terrarium together for her practical application of studying God’s creation –  plants.  We are very excited!

I’m not very good at taking care of indoor plants.  I always forget to water them.  So a terrarium is a wonderful idea for those of you who are like me who needs a low maintenance greenery in the home.  Here is the definition for a terrarium according to University of Missouri:

A terrarium is a tightly closed, clear glass or plastic container filled with small plants. It also has come to mean an open, transparent container for growing and displaying plants. Terrariums are most useful for small plants that do not adapt well to normal home atmospheres. When properly planted and located, they provide a novel way to grow many plants with minimal care.


Here is a beautiful example of an open terrarium from Stilllily’s Etsy shop.

Here is an unique example of a closed terrarium (they’re pendants!) from WarmCountryMeadows.

If you’re more of the let-someone-else-do-it-yourselfer, then check out their shops for some wonderful terrariums.  Otherwise, stay tuned for a tutorial/experiment this week on how to make one yourself!


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Ok, so my Lemon Meringue Soap just got featured in an Etsy treasury:

Lemon Meringue treasury

As I was happily browsing the summery splashes of color, my attention got drawn to the green cubes.  Are they soap?  I wondered.  But they look so puffy.  So I clicked on it.  And now I’m soooo regretting it!!  Not that it’s a bad shop, it’s tastefully done actually… and that’s the problem!  Now I want some marshmallows!!!!!!  I can’t get those marshmallows out of my head!  But I must resist!!  No, I can’t!  Yes, I can!  No… yes…  ugh.  That’s what happens when you put a pregnant lady together with fruity spongy marshmallow squares.  Mmmm…

So for those of you who are in the same boat that I am, head on over to miaMallows’ shop and check out her delicious treats!  As for me, I’m going to work on my will power for the next few hours.  But I don’t think I’m going to win this one…

Lemon Meringue Soap – YUM!

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Lemon Meringue Soap 1

Since I crave sweets now that I’m in my 3rd trimester of pregnancy, I just can’t get desserts out of my head!  So here comes the Lemon Meringue Soap.  I’ve been staring at these bars since they’ve been made and I have to remind myself that they’re just soap!

I know that you would get a kick out of this because it smells REALLY good.  Quite yummy!  At least you don’t have to count calories with this!

The white layers are made of Goat’s Milk Glycerin Soap with Jasmine Essential Oil and Vitamin E.

The yellow layer is made of glycerin soap with Lemon essential oil and Lemongrass essential oil with Vitamin E.

You can find this in my Etsy shop.  Due to the nature of being hand cut, the size of each bar varies slightly.  You will get anywhere from 2.8 to 3.2 oz per bar.  $3 ea.

p.s. I think I have to get a snack now…

Back to school

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DD is going to preschool summer camp in a month and needs a backpack!  So I did some looking around on Etsy and found these great and oh so cute ones – check them out!

It’s marketed for boys but DD likes red.  And I like this one because it’s quilted and has a zipper closure. InspiredbyGrands

This is a cute little bag with drawstrings.  I love the color combination!  DeerpathDesigns

I think DD would give up red for this CUTE doggie backpack!  BoutiqueID

Okay, that’s all the time I have to browse.  Time to sleep.  But I’m loving these backpacks!

Stay tuned… soap!

May 19th, 2010 Comments Off

Oh yes… I am making soap now! I started when I wanted to make some for Mother’s Day and now I can’t stop! I will be posting pictures and put them in my shop soon!