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This is my creative space today.  It’s the art studio at my church.  I was helping to paint the set for this week’s sermon which is part of the new series called “The Story of God”.  I was very excited to be able to use the skills that God has given me to serve Him and His Church! 

I painted from mid morning to late afternoon.  It was really nice to just focus on painting for a while.  My husband, who supported me throughout my art pursuits, took care of our daughter while I did this.  He is the best husband in the whole world and also a humble servant of the LORD.  I’m so blessed to have him!

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My Creative Space

June 23rd, 2010 Comments Off


So as I was preparing for my garage/craft sale this past weekend, I also did a lot of printing and packaging and displaying of my soaps and earrings.  I finally cleaned up enough space in my studio to bring up this desk from the basement.  This has now become my packaging station!  I’m loving it because it has helped organize my studio a little bit more!  Yay, we’re getting a step closer to a nice workspace!  Just in time for my birthday!  :)

(Oh, and my birthday is this Saturday so I’m hosting a giveaway to celebrate!  Check out this post:

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My Creative Space Today

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This is a corner of my first floor studio.  Believe it or not, it’s actually clean.  I’m still trying to get more organized but this will have to do for now. 

I’m getting ready for a community garage sale this Saturday that I’m turning into a craft sale.  So I’m busy making more sterling silver jewelry and soap and packaging them.  This is my first craft sale so I’m both excited and nervous!  I’m not going to prepare too much inventory because this is just going to be more of a local promo for me.  But please feel free to give me advice if you have done this before!

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My Creative Space

June 10th, 2010 § 2

It’s Thursday again!  Well, I didn’t get to my computer today until now.  But better late than never…


I took this photo in the morning thinking I was going to make some jewelry during Abby’s nap today, but instead I made some soap.  I did end up making 3 pairs of sterling silver earrings after she went down for the night though.  So I guess this photo still counts. 

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My Creative Space

June 3rd, 2010 Comments Off


I just received a package in the mail today from my sister.  She just came back from a trip to Japan and has brought back some goodies for me!  I asked her to get me some Matcha Tea for my soaps and she got me tea for soap AND yummy tea snacks for me!

(She also got many yards of different Japanese fabric for me that she’ll bring with her when she comes to help out when the baby comes in August.  I will take some pictures of them when she comes!)

So I did end up using the Matcha Tea for my soap today.  I added it to the shea butter soap.  Oh, it’s nice…

I also ended up making my oatmeal vanilla honey goat’s milk soap too.  So I was being really productive today!

Now… time for a snack…

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